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What is Boat Fabric?

Boat Fabric is also known as an ecological toilet. The light steel frame structure system is used to replace the traditional on-site welding mode of square tube steel. The components required for the toilet are produced in the factory and assembled on the construction site, which greatly shortens the construction period and improves the performance of building stability. The interior wall decoration adopts aluminum-plastic panels with good fire resistance, impact resistance, ultra-weather resistance, easy maintenance, and various colors. Metal carved panels, asphalt shingles with good thermal insulation effect, sound absorption and heat insulation, corrosion resistance, dustproof and self-cleaning, fire resistance and wind resistance, and aluminum-plastic panels for cornices, with rich shapes and simple and elegant appearance.
So why advocate the adoption of Boat Fabric? Taizhou Huangyan Biqier Technology Co., Ltd. will tell you the advantages of prefabricated toilets:
1. Save resources and energy and reduce pollution. The construction waste generated by the on-site pouring project is relatively large, and the prefabricated toilet is a steel frame structure and assembled on site, which greatly reduces the waste of resources on the one hand, and reduces dust and noise on the other hand, and reduces the pollution to the surrounding environment. and residents.
2. Improve labor productivity; from production to the end of construction, the longest construction period is only 1 month;
3. It can give birth to some new industries and generate new kinetic energy for economic development;
4. Sustainable use, the assembled toilet is movable. If the area is changed for demolition, the toilet can be disassembled to another location for reassembly and reuse.