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Home / News / What are the types of mobile environmental protection toilets?

What are the types of mobile environmental protection toilets?

1. Water-free packaging type
The water-free squatting type environmental protection toilet packs feces in a bag made of degradable film, which is pulled by a mechanical device and closes the bag. The packaging bag is updated, and the closing device is closed again to avoid the discharge of odors, and do not rinse with water after the toilet. It is suitable for public toilets with inconvenient water supply facilities, and conforms to people's habit of squatting in public places.
2. Solar type
The solar-type environmentally friendly toilet realizes power saving, safety and moisture resistance. On this basis, the intelligent electronic control program is further optimized, the power-consuming components are optimized to make the toilet more power-saving as a whole, and the photovoltaic battery power management equipment is optimized. Appropriate battery, after several improvements, finally successfully developed a solar toilet with stable performance and continuous work, filling the gap for the country.
3. Vehicle type
Scope of application: construction sites, urban arterial roads, commerce and trade downtown areas, tourist attractions, seaside bathing beaches, stations and docks, large-scale event venues, sports venues, etc. Through the new double-sealing structure, the toilet can always maintain a sealed state in the running state and the stop state, which completely solves the defect of the poor sealing performance of the old product.
Ensure that there is no odor leakage. After use, Mobile Toilet automatically rolls the dirt into the Wholesale Mobile Toilet, and at the same time pulls out the new plastic bag from the plastic bag placement slot. The plastic bag is one-time use, completely avoiding human cross-contact infection Simple, reliable and easy to maintain.