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Home / News / How to avoid deformation of Cosmetic Storage Box?

How to avoid deformation of Cosmetic Storage Box?

The Cosmetic Storage Box is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has very good comprehensive performance. So how can we avoid the deformation of the Cosmetic Storage Box in use? Let's take a look together:
1. Before customizing the Cosmetic Storage Box hotel supplies, you should choose the appropriate thickness of the plate according to the actual size of the product required. Generally, the larger the bearing area, the thicker the required plate thickness, so that it can be used in the process of use. In order to better improve its load-bearing capacity to avoid deformation.
2. Cosmetic Storage Box hotel supplies, including beverage cards and menu cards, should completely avoid contact with high temperature during use, so as not to deform them. Because acrylic itself is not resistant to high temperatures, extreme care must be taken in temperature control.
3. If you want to improve the impact strength of the acrylic wine brand, you can also directly use the simple thermoforming acrylic processing method to make it, which can avoid the change in size after its moisture absorption, and can also improve the internal stress of the board. However, this style is generally popular, not unique enough, and not eye-catching enough.
The disadvantage of tempered glass is that it is heavy and cannot be reprocessed (the shape or openings should be processed before tempering), and the weak point of its peripheral side end face is poor in impact resistance, and there is a small probability of self-explosion ( self-destruction without any warning). The advantages are good strength (no problem standing up and dancing alone), good wear resistance, high transparency, and non-sharp particles after rupture. Therefore, tempered glass is often used in bulletproof protective gear, and it is also often used in doors and windows, glass curtain walls, etc. of high-rise buildings.