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Household movable toilet elderly toilet

Household movable toilet elderly toilet

The foldable handrail is designed to be used safely. Pulling and raising the ladder allows you to go to the toilet easily. The damping and slow-down cover can be used at night without disturbing people.
Product Description

Product name Adjustable adult mobile toilet
Inner barrel Indoor / Squat toilet dedicated
Cover Double noise reduction
Material PP
Colour Blue Alum Grey/Cloisonne Grey/Twilight Grey
For people Elderly, pregnant women, children, people with reduced mobility
"〖7 Point Upgrade〗 ❶ Widened Seats: with a maximum width of 17inches. ❷ The foot pad is enlarged and equipped with anti-skid soft glue to prevent tilting and falling, ❸ the side is equipped with a toilet paper organizer for easy access to paper towels, which is convenient to use, effectively protect the user's safety and prevent falling during to using.
❹ Armrest height adjustable/ Removable armrest: The armrest of this chair lift is detachable,You can also adjust the height of the armrest to suit your use, there are 4 height adjustable,If the seat is not wide enough, the armrest can also be removed to increase the width, and the tissue box beside the seat can also be removed for cleaning.❺ The capacity of the toilet is increased: The depth of the toilet is 19.5cm/ 7.67inch, and the capacity is increased, so the liquid will not overflow.
❻ Seat Height Unlimited gear adjustment: the seat adopts screw-type adjustment(Unlimited gear adjustment), the lowest height is 1.3 feet off the ground and the highest is 1.7 feet off the ground, Unlimited gear adjustment until it is adjusted to a height suitable for you. ❼ Comfortable/ Safety: Pu soft backrest and soft seat cushion :The cushion and backrest of this bedside toilet are made of comfortable Pu cushion,can upgrade the sitting feeling of sofa, comfortable and safe.
〖Multiple functions〗This 3-in-1 commode chair can be used as a bedside movable toilet, sofa chair, and chair lift. It is made of new PP material, non-toxic and harmless to the skin, light weight, only 13 pounds, Load capacity 660 lbs, So you can move freely in the living room, bedroom and bathroom. suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, people with disabilities, walking inconvenience, etc.Applicable Scenario: Bedroom/Camping/Hospital.
〖Present 4 sets of combined gifts〗 In addition to the product itself, we will provide 4 combined gifts for free. this bedside bidet is equipped with a portable design of 1 toilet seat cover, 2 Replaceable Pail, 1 Roll of toilet pad and 1 toilet brush.This bedside toilet with our toilet brush and Toilet liner set is very easy to clean.
Compare with similar items
"APPLICABLE PEOPLE: The product is a bedside toilets for home use ideal for people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women and other people who can't move around easily. It can be used as commodes for in home care.
CONVENIENT and PRACTICAL: Our bedside commode bucket is easy to empty with a convenient carrying handle; both sides of the handrail are removable for easy docking bedside use, suitable for people with limited mobility to go to the toilet safely without asking for help; the side is equipped with tissue storage for easy use of tissue.
TRIPLE NON-SLIP: The top dot non-slip, the bottom of the legs with TPE non-slip pad, the bottom of the footstool also uses TPE non-slip pad.
QUALITY SENSE of USE: Damping slow fall cover, open and close without sound, suitable for late-night use; ergonomic design, thickened PU cushion, comfortable sitting.
ANTI-ODOR: Double bucket cover design, double inner bucket design, squatting toilet indoor can be used."

About Biqier

Taizhou Huangyan Biqier Technology Co., Ltd. is professional custom Household movable toilet elderly toilet suppliers and OEM Household movable toilet elderly toilet company, dedicated to the production of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, plastic products, children's products, electronic products research and development, sales.

The bathtub series, kitchen utensils series and elderly products series developed by our company are mainly exported to more than a dozen countries such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, and Canada.

A Portable Elderly Mobile Toilet is Portable Elderly Mobile Toilet Manufacturers a portable toilet designed specifically for elderly individuals or those with mobility issues. These toilets are typically lightweight and easy to transport, and are equipped with features that make them easier for elderly people to use, such as handrails, a higher seat height, and a wider base for stability. Some Portable Elderly Mobile Toilets may also have additional features, such as a built-in bidet or a toilet seat riser, to make them more comfortable and convenient to use.
Portable elderly mobile toilets can be particularly useful for people who have difficulty using traditional toilets due to mobility issues, such as those with arthritis or those who use a wheelchair. They can also be useful for people who are traveling or who do not have access to a traditional toilet. These toilets are typically designed to be used in a variety of settings, including homes, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Customization Process

1. We get the picture or sample from customers.
2. Confirmation drawings: We will make 3D drawings according to the customer's 2D drawings or samples, and send them to the customer for confirmation.
3. Quotation: I will give the customer a quotation when I get the confirmation of the customer's drawing, and if the customer sends a 3D drawing, then a direct quotation is possible.
4. Mould making: After the customer confirms the quotation and sends the mould order, we start to make the mould.
5. Sample: After the mold is completed, we will make a sample and send it to the customer for confirmation.
6. Mass production: We start mass production after customers confirm the samples and send the product orders .
7. Inspection: Our inspectors will inspect the products after they have been produced, or we will invite customers to inspect them together.
8. Shipping:We will send the products to the customer when the inspection result is OK and confirmed by the customer for shipment.

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