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Home / News / What is Left and Right Folding Bathtubs?

What is Left and Right Folding Bathtubs?

The China Left and Right Folding Bathtub is made of biocompatible polyamide, which provides a comfortable and warm to the touch feel, along with antibacterial properties. The flanges hold the seat in place, and the slats are of the solid Phenolic variety, making it the durable, albeit bulky, option for your bath.Besides the seat itself, 
Introducing the China Folding Bathtub Up and Down, a new baby bathtub that folds down like a box. Its lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for travelling.It is ideal for newborns to toddlers. It's ergonomically designed to fit babies' bodies, and it has a non-slip base. It also includes a Newborn Support, which fits inside the bath to provide additional comfort for babies.
It has a built-in digital thermometer that measures the temperature of the water. The water can be adjusted to suit your child's preferences. It is also made of environmentally friendly materials.
The bottom has a wavy textured design to make it more comfortable for your baby. It also has a side drain for fast removal of the water. It is a good choice for busy families. It's easy to deflate and fold up for storage. The air-filled liner helps to protect your baby. It also has a free air pump to help you inflate the tub.

One cover for multiple purposes, three-stage design; Strictly fit, no cracks after 10,000 folds, easy to fold, and unlimited space.