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Does the folding bathtub work?

China Folding Bathtub Factory, including fastening device and baffle. The baffle is a louver folding baffle, which is spread around the perimeter of the bathtub. There is a layer of waterproof material inside the baffle. The fastening device located outside the baffle includes a column and a transverse column used to connect two adjacent columns. The folding bathtub has the following four advantages:
1. Anti slip treatment. The double-layer nano composite material will change the vibration state of water molecules after contacting with water, increase the surface friction and effectively improve the skid resistance.
2. Save space. For families with small bathroom space, it can also be easily unfolded. The unfolded size is about 103 cm long, 60 cm wide and 50 cm high; After use, it can be placed under the bed or behind the door at will.
3. It can be dried in the sun. The liner cylinder can be completely separated from the stainless steel frame, and the cylinder can be hung on the balcony to dry.
4. Easy to clean. The nanoscale environmental protection materials on the surface are harmless to human body, and can be washed after use.

One cover for multiple purposes, three-stage design; Strictly fit, no cracks after 10,000 folds, easy to fold, and unlimited space.