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Home / News / Why would Choosing Portable Elderly Toilet Wholesale?

Why would Choosing Portable Elderly Toilet Wholesale?

One type of senior-friendly portable Mobile Toilet is a commode. It has a padded seat and can be placed over a regular toilet. It weighs about 17 pounds and measures 25" x 21" x 18.5". Another option is a MedPro Homecare portable toilet that features rust-resistant steel construction, seven height-adjustable seats and comfortable plastic armrests.
The portable toilet is also easy to assemble and can be moved to different locations, minimizing falls. Oftentimes, senior citizens need help getting out of bed to go to the bathroom and may need help getting onto the commode. Gait belts are another useful option. It is also important to provide a place where the elderly can use the restroom in privacy. Also, make sure to install a bell so that they can let you know when they're finished. Remember to always use toilet paper, soap and a soft towel to pat dry.
Some Mobile Toilet Suppliers feature extra height settings to accommodate older people. If a senior is prone to joint or sciatic pain, it may be difficult to reach the bottom. This is why many portable toilet suppliers include a height setting that allows the user to sit and stand without discomfort. While the standard toilet height for the elderly is fifteen to twenty-two inches, some manufacturers have additional height settings for a more comfortable experience.
There are also ADA-compliant models of porta potties. These toilets are great for disabled or elderly individuals and provide ample elbow room for those in wheelchairs. Some of these models also include hand sanitizers and large holding tanks. This allows you to accommodate large crowds while still maintaining hygiene and safety.
In addition to being ADA compliant, most portable toilets also come with a hand washing feature, which is particularly important for older people and those with compromised immune systems. While hand washing isn't a mandatory feature, it's a nice addition to many models. Be sure to factor this in your budget when choosing your portable toilets.

The encircling seat is comfortable and safe, the anti-slip strip is stable and anti-rollover, and the flip-up armrest is more labor-saving. Suitable for the whole family, take care of healthy life
Inner barrel:Indoor / Squat toilet dedicated
Cover:Slow down noise
Colour:Blue Alum Grey/Cloisonne Grey/Twilight Grey
For people:Elderly, pregnant women, children, people with reduced mobility