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Why Cosmetic Organizer Manufacturer and Supplier?

If you are looking for a cosmetic storage box, there are many great options. These storage boxes are usually made of durable polystyrene materials that are non-toxic and dust-free. They also come in various sizes and designs to accommodate all of your cosmetic needs. Some of these storage boxes also have compartments for jewelry, personal accessories, and car keys.
Taizhou Huangyan Biqier Technology Co., Ltd. is a combination of industry and trade enterprises, dedicated to the production of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, plastic products, children's products, electronic products research and development, sales.If you are in need of a cosmetic storage box for your business, there are several cosmetic case manufacturers and suppliers available to meet your specific needs. 

Product Size:30x33cm/30x40cm
material:HIPS environmental protection material
Storage range:Lipstick Perfume/Loose Powder Air Cushion/Essence Lotion/Facial Cream Eyebrow Pencil/Mask Hairband...
Features:Layered drawer/waterproof and dustproof/large capacity/environmentally friendly material/double lock design