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Home / News / What is a collapsible bathtub?

What is a collapsible bathtub?

The Folding Bathtub Manufacturers is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a folding bracket, a backboard and other components. The two side walls of the shell are foldable and are folded by a plurality of plates through hinged connection. The hinged part is provided with a reinforcing rib plate, and a slideway and a spring are arranged on the reinforcing rib plate. When folding, the spring cover on the rib plate is pulled open, and the hinged shaft on the side wall plate slides to the side wall along the slideway of the rib plate under the elastic force of the spring to realize folding. The shape is a square or round box.
1. Save space
For smaller bathrooms, it can also be easily unfolded. The unfolded dimensions are: total length 105 cm, total width 62 cm, and height 55 cm. After use, it is only 10 cm thick when folded, and can be placed behind the door or under the bed at will.
2. Anti-slip treatment
It is composed of double-layer nano-composite materials, which will change the vibration state of water molecules after contacting with water, increase the surface friction, and effectively improve the slip resistance, which is more than 2 times that of traditional bathtubs.
3. Infant swimming pool
It can be used as a convenient swimming equipment for infants and young children, so that the baby can learn to swim without leaving home.
4. Quick folding
The clever design makes it possible for a single person to unfold the rack within 15 seconds, and fold and fold it within 10 seconds.
5. Easy to clean
The Folding Bathtub Up and Down does not need special cleaning after use, just rinse it with clean water, do not drain the water, dry it with a dry towel, or put it in the sun to dry, but don’t let it cool for too long.

One cover for multiple purposes, three-stage design; Strictly fit, no cracks after 10,000 folds, easy to fold, and unlimited space.