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How to clean and maintain the folding bathtub every day?

For adult household thickening folding bathtub repair, dull or scratched areas, use a clean cloth to polish the mixed colorless solution and wipe vigorously, then apply a layer of colorless protective wax. Do not wax to prevent slippery areas from settling.
Second, mild machined surface stains
It can be discarded with a soft toothbrush dipped in bleach to remove stains and also get rid of mold. If you encounter difficulties in wiping stains, you can use half of the salt to dip the lemon, or apply a soft-bristled toothbrush to whiten toothpaste for scrubbing. Turpentine is also easy to use at this time. For scale, generally use a good product for cleaning toilets, and if you don't like the pungent smell of lemons, you can also use white vinegar for a more natural method. Do not use detergents with bleach function, especially when the home tub is used for color. Bacteria against fungal diseases caused by mildew, dry immediately after washing with bleach water and peroxide water.
Three, about the time and preparation to deal with the sterilization of blocked pipes
Pipe to clean once or twice a week to remove the smell, and a second to prevent bacterial growth. You can use a product specially designed for cleaning sewers to pour into the sewers, five minutes after cleaning, be careful not to use metal pipes. If blocked, you can simply close the valve for the water, then put the appropriate amount of water in the bucket; a rubber suction cup (for clearing the toilet) is placed over the valve for the water; at the same time open the water valve, choke or the basin overflow hole in the bath Then quickly suck up and down to suck out dirt or hair and clean it out.
Fourth, make sure to clean at least once a week
If you find it a hassle to clean your tub every day, then make sure you clean it at least once a week. Use a sponge or cloth, do not use rough cleaning acrylic bathtubs, scouring pads, do not use cleaning agents containing granular objects, it is best to avoid direct sunlight and contact with high temperature cigarette butts. Use mild detergents (such as dish soap), do not use aggressive cleaners. Acrylic tubs can also be used to clean water glass.