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How to choose the best folding bathtub?

If there is only a shower in the bathroom, a folding waterproof fabric portable bathtub with a frame is a good choice for adults. The bathtub is insulated to keep the water warm and has a lid to contain steam. You can also use an inflatable PVC bathtub that stands directly on the ground. They are stable when filled with water and are equipped with repair kits to repair leaks. There must be enough space to use Folding Bathtub without injury or water damage.
The special vinyl bathtub is designed for those who must bathe in bed. They slide under the patient and inflate around the body. It includes a shower connected to a nearby tap and a drain hose. The bathtub is cleaned with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, which is also easy to inflate and deflate. This portable bathtub can be expensive, and nursing staff should check whether medical insurance is helpful to purchase.
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