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How to choose Cosmetic Storage Box?

First determine the use environment of the cosmetic storage box. Paper exquisite jewelry boxes are relatively cheap, but they are not durable enough, and will break in a few months or even days. Therefore, it is best to buy a cosmetic storage box made of glass, which is not only waterproof, anti-corrosion, but also durable.
Determine how much makeup you need to store. The size of the exquisite cosmetic storage boxes varies widely. Before purchasing, be sure to look at what you need to store, so as to determine the required size of the storage box, so as to avoid buying too large or too small cosmetic storage boxes, so as to buy yourself The perfect cosmetic storage box.
Look at the storage function of the Cosmetic Storage Box. See if there is a paper extraction function. Nowadays, a cosmetic storage box with a side-drawing function is more popular. It is very convenient for makeup. It can be used as a reference standard when purchasing. See if it has a drawer function. There are drawers to store small mirrors, eyeliners, jewelry, etc. for daily use, so the function of having a drawer is still necessary. See if there is a mirror function. Many cosmetic storage boxes now have a mirror function, which is more practical.
In short, Cosmetic Storage Box Manufacturers reminds you to pay attention to the size when choosing a cosmetic storage box, and it must be suitable for your own use, otherwise it will occupy space and affect the overall beauty of the room.
Product Size:30x33cm/30x40cm
material:HIPS environmental protection material
Storage range:Lipstick Perfume/Loose Powder Air Cushion/Essence Lotion/Facial Cream Eyebrow Pencil/Mask Hairband...
Features:Layered drawer/waterproof and dustproof/large capacity/environmentally friendly material/double lock design