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How to choose Children's Bath Bucket Bathtub?

The most common tools for bathing are bathtubs and tubs. The bathtub is suitable for smaller babies to wash while lying down. And when the baby is older and can stand, you can use the tub, play in the water and enjoy the bath time. The Left and Right Folding Bathtub & Bathtub can save space very well, and it is also convenient to carry, even if you are traveling, you can pack it in the trunk of the car.
In order to meet the two needs of parents at one time, Children's Bath Bucket Bathtub Suppliers has appeared on the market with some dual-purpose bath tools, claiming to be more convenient and practical. Is this really the case? We gave you a review. By comparing weight, easy storage, drainage function, easy cleaning, trial washing experience, stability, non-slip experience, odor and burr, edge treatment.
The characteristic of Children's Bath Bucket Bathtub is that the design of the bathtub itself is supportive. Bathing the newborn baby can fix the baby's body well. But when Xiaobao is a little older, this dead bath rack structure can no longer accommodate him, and turning or moving will be limited. Personally, I feel that the service life is only within 1 year old; although a hundred yuan is not expensive, but Still feel the price is not high. Be sure to pay attention to clean up the bumpy dead corners at the bottom, where it is easy to hide dirt.
Expand Size:1320*618*740cm
Folded size:1320*618*200cm
Product material:PP,TPE
Colour:Miranda Blue/Morandi Powder
For people:Infants, children, adults